Humanity! What to do?

Please MAKE time for YOURSELF, when reading, listening and watching on this website. This website is NOT a 2 Minute 'have-a-look to see what it is'. If you do NOT have the time now, come back later.

Most people on this planet will be shocked by the information presented and they will escape. You have your free will to do so. The Human Race or Humanity is in danger now, is being attacked. Nobody - I repeat NOBODY - is coming to save Humanity. We must save ourselves, but we have to do it together, therefore I say unto you:

I recommend june 2019

  1. Get out of debt, if you have some

    Digital money is THE KEY to escape slavery. Modern slaves are not in chains. They are in debt OR they owe money to the banks(ters). Therefore: Make as much effort as possible to get out of debt. Live more simple. Sell what you really do not need. Buy only what you really need. Do NOT make loans in private banks (and thereby creating digital money out of thin air AND supporting the Banksters and their slavery). Make your own 'bank' and insurance in the community (see below), maybe with your neighbouring communities.

  2. If possible: Buy GOLD, real estate and land

    July 2019: We are heading towards a crisis and recession. I recommend: If you have 'too much' money in the bank: Get rid of your excess digital money (they are in fact just numbers in a computer). Buy GOLD, real estate and land or anything else of REAL value.

  3. Talk to those working for the Illuminati/Elite

    and try to tell them, what they are really doing: Working against humanity: Military, weapon industry, Big Pharma, Cancer Industry, Chemical Industries, Tax Authorities etc, and help them to leave their jobs. Please spend time listening to

    Mark Passio: Order Followers

    As he says himself: Do NOT pay attention to his looks, his way of speaking (I could not handle it many years ago, when he was shouting and was angry). LISTEN to his words, especially about the 'Order Followers'. These beings are a major problem on planet Earth right now. We HAVE to talk to them and tell them, what they REALLY are doing.

  4. Move together in communes

    away from the cities and 5G radiation. You are stronger in many ways: physical, emotionel, spiritual and economical. Get a good mix of different people with different skills. Raise and teach your children on your own. Do NOT put your children into the 'prepare-for-slavery' system. That system has one main intention: to manipulate the child into obedience and prepare it for a society, where the rulers control the slaves with money, govern-ments,'authorities', banks(ters), police, legal system, jails etc

  5. Get out of 'social media'

    Social media are made so you move away from normal human relations into artificial friendship and artificial digital communiations exploiting your need for acceptance, friends etc. BUT the social media are used to trap you, to make you un-human and turn you into a robot controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) David Icke describes it very well here on these videos.

  6. Make good old fashioned forums (fora)

    that you control your self. You cannot fight the Elite by using platforms, that they control. Fake Book gave me the red card when I made a video title: "Facebook closes tomorrow, what will you then do?" Instead of social media use your own controlled fora ('forums' is NOT correct. Fora is plural for latin forum) emails to spread information to friends. Get the emails from as many of your 'friends' on social media as possible. Send minimum to 3 friends AND to 3 persons in your 'outer' network and urge them to send to etc. Idea: "chainletter". FB and Google knows everything about you, but less, when you reduce the use of Fake Book and Google. Imagine, if FB and all other social media owned by the Elite closed tomorrow! What would you do ?

  7. Do NOT vote!

    Voting is an illusion to keep you in your sleep, in your dream, that you live in a democracy. You don't!

    and .. the slaves are clapping their hands
  8. If you vote, you give consensus to killing innocent people. Many americans, british people and danish people are responsible (knowing or not-knowing) for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Iraq, Afganistan, Libya qua voting for politicians and political parties supporting or contributing these Banksters/Illuminati/NATO wars.

  9. Detox on many levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

    If you cannot help each other, seek good therapists, that work for reasonable prices. I will later talk about my many years of experience with personal/spiritual development - psychotherapy, meditation etc.

  10. Get your children away from TV (especially Disney).

    Disney has now for years very cunning been mind controlling children to believe, that human beings are selfish, egoistic and even evil. We are NOT that, but the satanists indoctrinate our children into this belief system. We are kind and loving beings, but most of humanity has been trapped by the Elite and their prostitutes.

  11. I call upon all sannyasins of Bhagwan Rajneesh OSHO

    who took sannyas from Him and were touched on the forehead. Now is the time to help our brothers and sisters. If you read this, please pass on this message to other sannyasins.

  12. I will speak to camera soon about OUR potentials

    Love and higher consciousness, higher frequencies, higher vibrations as spiritual beings. THEY (The Elite, The Cabal, The Illuminati etc) do NOT have that and they do EVERYTHING to hide from us, that we are spiritual beings reincarnating life after life. They fear MOSTLY, that we develop as spiritual beings into strong independent spiritual beings.

  13. You have to overcome your fear of police, money control from the authorities, jail etc.

Regards Michael Maardt

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