Your long email signature is waste of my time

I hate a email signature, that looks like this:

The purpose of email was originally a quick and easy communication, nothing else. Many companies use the email signature to market themselves with pictures, texts formatted in tables (to make it look nice) and all sorts of information that is only relevant LATER in a possible. longer communication.

If we email several times back and forth, and I might months later see the whole process, I will be forced to click in the content of the email and scroll A LOT to see what we have been written. Along the way in this scroll, I meet your very long signature, which may also contain images. This is VERY strenuous and a waste of time.

Write it all in A LONG LINE and drop pictures and tables. WE DON'T READ IT ANYWAY AND YOU WASTE OTHERS 'TIME

Make a webpage with your email signature and link to it in your signature like this.

Michael Maardt

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