Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Whatever you have heard and read about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later OSHO), forget it. Just as Jesus was dangerous to the people in Power, so was Rajneesh.

He has given Humanity immense profound wisdom and knowledge, never seen in the history of Mankind. And of course the Banksters told their prostitutes alias "mainstream media" to tell a lot of bullshit, mainly focusing on 'sect' and 'sex'.

I know about some of the shit, that happened in Oregon after 1981, when He moved to the USA.

In Poona/ Pune, India He talked for seven years every morning for one and a half hour, changing every week between Hindi and english. Every single word he said was recorded and many books were made. Once I had 35 hardcover books, bought from the sannyas center in Medina in the UK. He was a professor of philosophy (I often thought about the german philospher Hegel seeing this photo)

I remember books and lectures like 'The Mustard Seed', 'I say Unto You', The Book of Secret, Come Follow Me, Tantra: The Supreme Understanding, The Goose Is Out etc. You probably won't believe it. His personal library was the most important private library on the planet, more than 150.000 books.

The Master chooses the disciple, not vice versa

I was 'with' Him with danish sannyasins in Copenhagen, Denmark, for years without taking sannyas (becoming a devoted disciple). My friends kept asking me: 'When you go to Poona and take sannyas?'. I told them: 'When He comes!'. I had heard Him saying several times: "It is NOT the disciple who comes to the Master, but vice versa: The Master comes to the disciple, when the disciple is ready."

He baptised me

One day in a meditation He came to me. I saw His eyes slowly lowering inside of me and saying to me: 'NOW is the time'. I knew immediately. A week later I flew from Denmark to India and 'took sannyas' in Poona 19. may 1980 and stayed seven weeks in the Ashram.

Thousands were touched on the forehead

When a sannyasin was initiated (baptised), He touched the third eye or the "forehead" of the disciple in spe. This way He initiated more than 100.000. The number is known to the few. Let him with ears hear and let her with eyes see.

For me His mission finished, when he 1981 left Poona/Pune. I have read, that HE admitted two mistakes, one of those being that he went to America, because his lawyer 'advised' him to. He deeply regretted that. I have read about the 'shit and bullshit', that happened from 1981 to his death. To me this is NOT important today, where we are facing 5G and other things done to humanity.

Jesus and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh both said: "I have NOT come to bring peace, but to provoke you. This is the only way to wake you from your sleep."

Some of His jokes - they are the best !

Sites about Him

I have NO deeper knowledge of the sites below, but they seem to be large. If you search Rajneesh and OSHO you will find tons of links.

Love and Blessings The Ninja Spirit (legal fiction name = Michael Maardt and ex Dhyan Samarpano)

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