Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh talks on Jesus

120 hours talks on the sayings of Jesus

I made this website in 2019 to offer these interpretations on the sayings of Jesus. I have copied the texts from PDF files and made webpages. The audio files are in good quality, better than the free files offered from the 'owners' of the recordings.

In my view he 'peaked' in 1974-1981 in the 'Poona One' period. I was a sannyasin in 1980 and knew Him as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Over a period of four years in England, Germany and India, 6,500 audio and 1,870 video discourses were re-mastered onto digital tape. Source:

In Poona/ Pune, India He talked 1974 - 1981 every morning for one and a half hour, switching every week between Hindi and english. To my knowledge every single word he said was recorded and many books were made. Once I had 35 hardcover books. He was a professor of philosophy (I often thought about the german philospher Hegel seeing this photo)

41 lectures, text and audio: Come Follow Me

Enjoy! Michael Maardt and ex Dhyan Samarpano

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