Dr. Klinghardt: End of Humanity?

Dr. Klinghardt risks his life by saying, what he is saying in this video: End of Humanity? Aluminium, Glyphosate and Electromagnetic Radiation. This video contains information in such amounts and quality, that you have probably never heard before.

Mass extinction 3 things: alumininum, glyphosate and electromagnetic radiation. All americans have glyphosate in their bloodstream. Half of us in the western world will die either WITH or OF Alzheimers disease or related brain destruction. In 2028 all of us will die from this. Rates of autism double every five year. 20 new names for autism were invented to prevent the truth to get out to the public. The curve of autism statistics looks 'better', because those 20 new names were 'invented'.

2028-2032: All boys born will be on the autistic spectrum. This will be the end of civilisation. It is the end of men. It will be a world run by women. We are like a train heading for a broken bridge.

What makes us sensitive to wi fi and to the electromagnetic radiation are the metals in our body ..."

Dr. Klinghardt: End of Humanity?

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