Windows Super User, Michael Maardt

Windows Super UserThis text replaces the Text Escape from the Mousetrap, that has been free on this homepage since 1997. Escape from the Mousetrap was downloaded more than 400.000 times 1997-2002.

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This text only exists in digital form, as a PDF file and as Web pages. (2002) Links mentioned in the text: see further down on this page.

Comments from readers:

  1. "In my opinion you are doing a great service to the world of Computing."
  2. "I can only say that I have never seen such a concise and comprehensive guide on using Windows (and I speak as a very experienced PC user - over 6 years, including programming, system administration and user support.)"

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Table of Content

About this text

  • NOT for beginners
  • You are lazy!
  • Windows Versions
  • A few words about myself
  • History
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Updates on the website
  • Money
  • Translators wanted

Why Super User?

  • My Intention
  • My experiences
  • Why Super User?

Windows Explorer

  • Objects
  • Win Explorer: Navigation
  • Right arrow logic
  • Left arrow logic
  • Tip to avoid the A: drive
  • Speed search
  • Space (left-hand pane only)
  • Backspace
  • Home, End, PgUp, PgDn
  • Ctrl+Home/End/PgUp/PgDn
  • * asterisk – left-hand pane only
  • Advice when navigating
  • Win Explorer: Selecting
  • Select several files, but not all
  • Selecting single scattered files
  • Reverse selecting
  • Win Explorer: Sorting
  • Adjusting columns (mouse)
  • Adjusting columns (keys)
  • Object properties
    • Folders
    • Drives
    • My Computer
    • Desktop

Windows Explorer and keys

  • F2 - clever use of
  • Alt+TAB
  • The Alt key - important!
  • Starting programs with one key press
  • Programs on the Start Menu
  • Properties of a shortcut file
  • Starting Explorer from ...
  • A cheat
  • Open files quickly using Explorer
  • 2 copies of Windows Explorer

Win Explorer: Finding and displaying folders and files

  • Misc
  • Favorites: organise
  • Managing folders
  • Backup
  • BATCH files for backups
  • Recently opened documents
  • Files: regular destinations
  • Restart Windows
  • Shutting down the computer
  • All roads lead to… the operating system!

Total Commander

  • General
  • Shortcuts
  • F2
  • Packer und entpacker
  • FTP - Ctrl+F


  • Internet Explorer
    • Navigation
    • Internet Explorer 3, 4 and 5 - Netscape is bad with shortcuts
    • Refresh or Reload?
    • Tell a friend about the page, you are looking at right now?
    • Open a new window often
    • Neues Fenster im Browser
    • History and Favorites
    • Open a new window when hitting a link
    • Das Adressfeld herunterklappen
    • Address field: select
    • Address field: edit
    • Jump through the links on a page
    • Forms
  • Opera Browser

Webmaster software

Why didn't they tell me …?

  • A possible answer
  • Advantages of the keyboard
  • And when you must use a mouse…

Can you think like a program?

Computers and male/female energy



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