What to do when Skype keypad stops working?

June 2011, updated:

I often call +1800 or other free-to-call phone numbers in the USA from Denmark using Skype. After a while a problem occurs: To press a a digit from 0-9 I use the numeric keypad in Skype, but after a certain time limit, this does not work anymore. What to do? Here is A solution, very creative. In the skype forum I read this:

I have used this method successfully to get around what looks to be a programmatic error in Skype that turns the keypad functionality off after some time into the call."

Brilliant thinking. I have tried, it works.

Another solution

Call and write down the digits, you need to press in order to get to the correct department. Could be 3,2,4,1,5 etc. Every time the keypad is not working anymore you start all over and now you can enter these digits fast. You move ahead so to speak this way, until you finally and hopefully have all the needed digits and the needed time.

Good Luck