Radiation is dangerous

2010, Michael Maardt

There are plenty of studies showing that both high and low frequency radiation is harmful. The question is: How harmful? It is also harmful to inhale exhaust fumes from cars, eating junk food, smoking, living with stress and many other things. I'm not trying to create fear and panic, but simply to tell what I've read and heard.

The problem with radiation is that the danger is invisible and only very sensitive people can feel it with their senses. The rest of us do not notice it and it may take many years before the body's immune system cannot handle more and one reason may be the radiation that made the cup to overflow.

If you have some minutes, then read on.

Smoking was once smart

In the 1950s and 1960s smoking was smart and fashionable. Some of us remember Humphrey Bogart with a cigarette in his mouth all the time, but many of the famous actors smoked in movies. At that time there were many studies that "proved" that smoking was quite harmless. The studies were sponsored by the tobacco industry! Today we know better, but it took some years.

It's not so many years ago since we began using wireless landline DECT phones, wireless routers, wireless headset, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse and many other wireless devices that emit radio frequency signals over large distance (over 100 meters) through walls into your neighbor. We have not had them for so many years and do not know the long-term effects. The same applies to mobile phones and mobile masts.

After reading a German study on wireless radiation and health risks, I delivered my cordless Gigaset 3000 sets (total of 5 phones) to recycling. It's about DECT radiation. Instead I bought on the local danish eBay some good cheap used corded Siemens Euroset 2015 and danish Kirk Delta landline telephones, and they are fine - even talking to the speakerphone without lifting the handset.

A few weeks ago a neighbor had surgery for a brain tumor. When she woke up after surgery, she was told that it was one of the worst forms of cancer. The tumor was located only inches from the point of the ear, where she for many years has kept her cell phone. Incident?

10 tips to protect yourself


  • The closer to the body the cell phone is the more dangerous. Not only while you are talking, but always. There is probably a reason why some manufacturers (Apple and Nokia) recommend that the mobile phone comes no closer than 1 inch to the body.

  • Talk as little as possible. Text message is less harmful.

  • Use speakerphone mode and hold the phone (actually the phone's antenna) so far away from the body that the person at the other end still hear you ok. I had difficulty finding a site with reviews of mobile phones that also checks the microphone quality, but gsmarena is reportedly good.

  • Hold the phone horizontally with the microphone closest to your mouth. Thereby the antenna (typically sits at the top of the phone) furthest away. The dangerous radiation is the antenna, primarily when speaking. I hold the microphone approx. 10-15cm from my mouth, depending on conditions. I'm trying to find out which models are best suited for this purpose. I have only experience with a few, but Nokia 3161, 6300 and 6700 are fine. The newer smartphones should have both good mic and good extra speaker, but I have no experience with them, but be aware of much higher radiation: They beam constantly.

  • Use headset with cable, if necessary. Bluetooth headsets, and again: hold the phone as far away from the body as possible while you speak, not in a belt at the waist near the genitals or the heart or other organs, you hold dear.

  • Pay attention to receiving quality: How good is the connection to the nearest cell tower. This can be seen on the phone display, typically the upper left corner with small strokes. The poorer the connection, the phone tries to compensate by increasing the signal strength and thus the radiation. So the worst thing you can do in this situation is to talk while you push the phone against your ear in an attempt to hear better.

A child's response at the exam:

Buy a phone with low SAR value. The SAR value indicates how much electromagnetic radiation your phone emits. The lower the SAR value, the better. Manufacturers of mobile phones MUST inform the SAR value, and if you are looking for, then you find that too. Not everyone believes this is so important.

Wireless Router

I have the device TES-92 for measuring electromagnetic radiation, and got a shock when it came within a meter of my Xyzel router. Values above 500 are critical. The meter showed more than 3,000 in one meter distance and over 7,000 at a distance of half a meter.

I disabled my WLAN, that is the wireless function on my router, and the value dropped below 300. In my summerhouse value dropped to 0.0 - ZERO

In your browser, type, or maybe and then log into your router. If it does not work:

In Windows, click Start, Run (Run), CMD, and a small window appears with a black screen with white writing. You type IPCONFIG and press Enter. The Default Gateway is your router's IP address. Close the window with EXIT and Enter.

On my Xyzel Router P-2602HWL-D1A I select a menu Network, then Wireless LAN (WLAN shortened) and I can activate, respectively, de-activate by inserting or removing a tick. If you can not figure it out: Your internet provider has a description of how you do it.

I've also disabled the wireless feature in Windows 7 via the Control Panel. Search "wireless network" in the upper right of the Control Panel's search function.

I have network cable from the router to my desktop PC. I've never had a laptop.

Landline telephone

An older wireless desk phone base station transmits a continuous basis and the maximum output radiation up to several hundred meters through the DECT (link to Norwegian Wiki). I know, it is especially the Germans and the German authorities who have been critical of the radiation, so I have most of my information from German texts like this . If you have an older cordless landline phone, I recommend replacing it with one of three:

  1. a landline phone with cable. Connect with 5 or 10 meter phone line, if you want to move around in the room with the phone. You can buy a 7 meter cable (RJ10) to the handset, so you don't have to walk around with the telephone, or you can buy 10, 15 or 20 meter RJ11 cable from the telephone wall / router to the phone
  2. or one of the newer ECO DECT. Due to the strong criticism of the radiation from the first DECT phone manufacturers the manufacturers have made models with lower radiation and energy. According to Siemens ECO DECT mode reduces the radiation 80% compared to the older models. Just remember to set the phone to run in eco mode.
  3. Better is ECO Mode Plus DECT, as shown also called ECO Full mode, which reduces the total radiation, but only when the phone is in standby. SWISSVOICE was the company that started production of such telephones. Siemens and others followed.

Remember the proportions. There are many other things in life that are important to your health and avoid being fanatical about it one way or another. Positive and confident thoughts are certainly better than the opposite.


June 2011: Mainstream Media report that WHO is beginning to wake up!

Gigahertz Solutions from Germany: Producer and distributor of measuring device to measure electrical and electromagnetic radiation, apparently some of the toughest in the world. The company also sells products for protection.

yShield.de Distributor of nearly the same products as Gigahertz, which can protect against electro-smog. The two companies have close cooperation.

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