How to delete my Facebook account permanently

May 2010

July 2010: Market value of Facebook well above 10 billion U.S. dollars.

Facebook makes money by analyzing the conduct of its members and target the ads.

How do I delete my profile? You will be completely out of Facebook? You want your account deleted permanently?

I found a group on Facebook called "How to permanently delete your facebook account." Click this link, either before or after being logged in.

You must specify the password and write some numbers and letters that you see in a picture, and once you have clicked OK, you're still not completely out. They keep your account on standby for 14 days (it is only disabled in these 14 days) and if you during these 14 days have NOT logged into your account, it will be deleted.

Facebook offers that you disable your account

As I said, Facebook wants to keep you as a customer. Facebook hopes that you will come back as a customer, and believes that it is best if all your information just become available until you come back and activate your account, then everything is fine. But is it what you want? Maybe you want to delete the information that you do not want to show everyone. You can always enter it again if you activate your account later.

Maybe you just want to edit your profile or protect your privacy?

Top right, click Account, then Private Settings, Custom and Custom Settings and then you can at each of the items choose who can see what about you. The most private version is that you select "Only Friends" at all points.

Note the option at the top right Preview profile. I created a Donald Duck item, representing an account with a name at random to see how others see me. Now I can see how every user will see my profile or my friends' profile.

Ask yourself "What will I use Facebook for?". The more you become aware of it, the more accurate you also know what you want to publish about yourself, who you want to show it to etc.

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