How to get higher on Google?

A website or site means all the files (pages, music, images, videos etc.) on a domain. "" is a domain just as "". Right now you are reading a page under the domain

Title tag

This is the most important part.

A webpage has some informations in the socalled header. The header are some lines in the source code (hidden to the user, but not to the browser). En webpage is an ordinary text file. Some of the first lines may look like this:

<title>How to get higher on Google?</title>

To view a page's source code: Select the menu View -> Source. Look at the top of your browser's title bar, often a blue bar. Here you see the title of the page. Goggle likes that the title exist. The lines between <head> and </ head> are called meta tags. The text between <title> and </title> is called the title tag.

Why is the title important?

First and foremost, because Google emphasises the title very high and perhaps because the "title" is used in several places:

  • When a user adds a page to 'Favorites'
  • If the user has multiple tabs open in his browser, first letters are viewed here
  • If the user looks 'history' in the browser the title appears here.

Does your website have a title? Open your website in a browser. At the very top is maybe a title, if not, it only says: "Windows Internet Explorer" or "Mozilla Firefox".

1. Your website has no title

You must make a title. There are many different programs for creating websites, but a webpage is just a simple text file. A program such as Notepad can be used. You may use one of the most modern CMS systems. Search and hopefully you find it, or seek help. It is very important, that your webpages have titles, otherwise they are probably not included in Google results.

2. Your website has a title, but it can be improved

  • The title should be max 65 characters including spaces and as short and descriptive as possible
  • What keyword(s) would you like to be found with on this specific page? Put your keyword first in the title.
  • Try to create a unique title for each page.

You can of course try to find some words and do some Google searches. One must try it out. Try to put yourself in others' situation: If you would find a site like yours, what would you write in Google?

3. A description for search engines

The "description" tag is a text that search engines might use. There is some disagreement among the scholars, how important this meta tag is, but the majority writes: It does not hurt to specify it. Google and other search engines use it as "snippet", that is the text below the title. Give a telling description of the page with max 160 characters. Here's an example:

<meta name="description" content="The most important text for Google. Title tag is very important, incoming links also and perhaps description tag.">

Incoming or inbound links

Get other websites to create links to your website and good, if with one of your favorite keywords in the text that appears on the other website. Read a little slowly, because the following is important. As an example I show a page from describing the best CD and DVD media (discs) and where to buy them.

You can find the page by clicking the menu at the top named TIPS. The filename is "best CD and DVD media discs" and the title of the page is "Best DVD and CD media discs and where to buy?"

Both the file name and title include the keywords that I go for. I once read that both the domain name, folder name and filename were important, but only in that moment, a link from another website is created.

Google emphasises links between sites, preferably 'serious' websites, whatever that is. Now I take again an example from the page with the good DVD discs. Let us say that others are doing links to this page. Many people make a simple link by repeating the whole address, in this case best-cd-dvd-media-discs.shtml

The interesting thing is that text which appears on the other website contains many words which could be keywords: knowware, tips, best, cd, dvd, media and discs while at the same time the title of the page contains many of these keywords. The link could have looked like this Best DVD and CD media (discs)

It would also be good, because many of my keywords are contained in the link text, but if the link had been:

To read about the best CD and DVD media (discs), click here.

then I lose the keywords in link text (the word "here"). I hope you understand why the domain name, folder name and filename may be of importance.

If you want to optimize a page with one or two (possibly more) keywords then get the keywords placed as early as possible in the title and get the keywords in the filename, and when you choose domain name, go for the keywords in the domain name.

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