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  • Internet and the world wide web – a short overview
  • Structure and basic components of the world wide web
HTML, the language of the world wide web
  • Why learn HTML ?
How do I get on the net
  • Attractive web addresses cost a little extra
Is it all about homepage then? A short confusion of terms
  • First the plan
  • The project file
Lets work with the editor!
  • Creating a new HTML document
Creating and structuring an HTML document.
  • Important comments
  • Headings
  • Bold, italic and underscore
  • Paragraphs and paragraph alignment
  • Creating a new line
  • Numbered and other lists
  • Inserting lines
  • The trick with spaces
Overview of the most important HTML commands How to add graphics to your HTML documents
  • GIF, JPEG or PNG
  • Which graphic program?
  • Putting a graphic in a HTML document
  • Width and height
  • Entering a text alternative
  • Small is beautiful
How to use background graphics
  • The graphic is tiled!
  • Textures as background designs
Hyperlinks – internal and external anchors and references
  • References to your own pages
  • References to pages in sub directories
  • External Hyperlinks
  • Opening a new window
  • Internal page references
  • The e-mail Link
  • Links to a graphic
  • Image Maps
  • Overview of the most important HTML commands for anchors
Life gets colourful – colours for links and text
  • Mixing hexadecimal colours
  • The attributes in the body tag
More font format possibilities
  • Further character formats with the FONT tag
  • The PRE-Tag for fixed formatting
  • More lists
  • Running text (MARQUEE)
  • Blink Text
  • Lines
Tables as important tools of page formation
  • Simple tables
  • Fading out the grid lines
  • Positioning tables
  • Justifying table width and height
  • Borders
  • Inner- and outer borders
  • Splitting cells
  • Table colours
Creating response and evaluation forms
  • The text input field
  • The Radio buttons
  • Check boxes
  • Selection fields
  • Sending back and submitting
Style Sheets – the clever format models for HTML
  • Format models for Web-Pages
  • More attributes for style sheets
  • Paragraph and character formats
  • References to external style sheets
Frames, movable part windows in Web-Pages
  • References in the framesets

  • References out of the frameset

Creating homepages with Word and StarWriter Effects, spice and dynamics for your homepage
  • Visitors book and counters
  • Links changing colour
  • Script for a Ticker
  • A Pull-Down-Menu
  • Building in background sounds
  • Banners and animations as GIF
How to register your page with search engines
  • Here’s how you get on Yahoo
  • Automatic registration
META-Tags as help for the search engines More graphic tips and tricks
  • The clip board trick
  • Setting the graphic background to transparent
  • The graphic forms slowly
More recommended tools and web resources
  • Specialist HTML editors (no prior HTML knowledge required)
  • Tag orientated editors (require HTML knowledge)
  • More Tools
Appendix: Faster progress with Homesite
  • Setting up a page in Homesite
  • Inserting hyperlinks
  • Inserting graphics
  • Text formatting
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Frames and Style Sheets

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