Let us make the best shopping cart!

Why U should read this ..

Idea june 2018, Michael Maardt, Denmark

My background

I am 66 and back in 1993 I invented, wrote and published the world's first computer booklet (softbook). BIG success in Denmark. Four percent of the danish population bought the booklet - in the USA that would have been 10 million.

My danish publishing house Knowware.dk sold 1993-2000 one million booklets and my german Knowware.de sold more than 100 titles and 7 mio booklets. Why: very very cheap compared to normal books (about 10% of the price), very good, very personal and very good written AND I did NOT intend to make a lot of money. I wanted to help people with their computer and DOS and later Windows programs. I was interviewed in TV and all major danish newspapers.

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I started early on the web

I registrered knowware.dk 1995 in Denmark before Microsoft registrered microsoft.dk. Bill Gates did NOT believe in the internet at that time ;-) He later changed his mind.

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Let us join forces and make the best shopping cart in the world !

Have U had an idea of making a much better Opencart or a shopping cart better than Opencart? I imagine a shpping cart based on an improved version of Opencart, let us just say v. - or if U have better idea, let me know. Let us call is SuperShop. Imagine a copy of opencart.com with forum and marketplace, BUT

  1. The owner of the company is maybe me, maybe a group of people, it depends ..
  2. The Marketplace on opencart.com is terrible. We have spent too much time searching and testing software from young indian schoolkids. No, all addons must be tested and certified. We already have many good addons for OC 2.2. Every addon, whether theme, extension, module must have good documentatian and this is a part of the software, that will need approval.
  3. Owner gets 10% fee for every sale from the Marketplace. I do NOT know how much Daniel gets.
  4. The OC forum is terrible in that way, that everybody can post and it is really impossible to find out, what is good information. I guess it cost money and is time consuming to moderate a forum, so if U have a good idea, let us discuss it in this forum ....
  5. I or we need to find the best people to join in this ... I collect email addresses from sites offering good OC addons.
  6. We need a forum to discuss how this should be run. Can U setup a forum for this? I imagine we contribute max 100 people.

I am willing to start invest 10.000 USD. If your main intention in this project is to make a lot of money, then I am NOT interested. But if your main intention is to help as many people as possible, then I am interested in working with U. I estimate that we all will make a lot of money, not because we focus on the money, but because we focus on making helping others.

Do U want to join and contribute?

We need all kinds of skills to run this project, first of all a project leader! I will email all those OC partners and developers, who are good, either in coding or making website or other relevant skills.

OC partners

isenselabs •  opencartextensions.in •  willows-consulting.com •  webkul.com •  marketinsg.com •  cartbinder.com •  getclearthinking.com •  leopedia.com •  opencartextensions.eu •  megasmall.net • 

OC developers

atsinfosystem.com •  imakeitwork.net •  opencartexpress.com •  huntbee.com •  buy-extensions.com/ •   •   • 

I will email all of these ...

email me if U are interested: michaelmaardt-gmail.com

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