Best value for money headset for Skype


There are very many. I found Jabra EVOLVE 40 MS Stereo USB Headset, but many years ago I wrote:

December 2010

A headset is a headphone + a microphone. The chord/cable ends in either USB (goes directly into a USB on your computer) or 2 mini jack plugs: one (normally pink) for the mic and the other (normally green) for headphone and they correspond to the same colors of a soundcard.

Producers of computer headsets
Plantronics started, I think and has a reputation of making very good headsets. I have tested several Plantronics headset:


Plantronics DSP-550 is one of the best headsets I have tried. Sound quality is similar to DSP-400, but better. The mic is just better. The speakers are much better with more bass.

By listening to music, it is the other way around. DSP-550 is better than DSP, especially at high volume and heavy bass. DSP-400 plays music at normal very well level and surprisingly good bass.

Microhone quality is better on DSP-550, especially bass, gives my voice more depth.

Detailed review

Plantronics DSP-550 sound sample

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.. og den dårlige nyhed: Det forhandles ikke mere. Det var sikkert for godt.

Plantronics DSP-400 sound sample

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Review Plantronics DSP-400 USB
I have had DSP-400 for years and do not get tired from wearing it. For skyping I like DSP-400 better, because you hardly notice wearing it.



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